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Karen Gillan talks tears at end of Dr Who and her excitement at making new Scots film

 Karen Gillan
Karen at the Cannes Film Festival

From The Daily Record by Rick Fulton

Scots star Karen Gillan will be able to keep an eye on Doctor Who after her last scene as his assistant … because she stole binoculars from the Tardis.

The 24-year-old admitted taking the memento from the set of the BBC’s most famous series when I spoke to her yesterday at the Cannes Film Festival.

She’s in the French resort to publicise her first movie, Not Another Happy Ending, which will begin shooting in Glasgow in July.

In her first interview since shooting her final Doctor Who scene as Amy Pond last Saturday, Karen admitted there were buckets of tears at the end.

Emotions were running high as Karen, Matt Smith, who plays the Doctor, and Arthur Darvill (Amy’s husband Rory) did their last scene.

Karen, who is staying tight-lipped about what happens to Amy, admitted: “It was a weird, serene day where everyone was feeling it.

“We don’t film in chronological order so the last shot we filmed was me, Matt and Arthur going into the Tardis.

“Then Matt closed the door for the last time and we were in darkness.

“We hugged and started crying. It was kind of tears of happiness.

“It was a feeling of ‘Look at what we’ve done’. It was lovely.”

Karen made her Doctor Who debut as Amy in 2010, wearing a controversial policewoman’s outfit.
But she revealed she wasn’t allowed to hang on to the costume.

She said: “I didn’t get to keep any Pond stuff because everything related to Doctor Who goes into exhibitions.
“But I might have taken a little special something from the Tardis.”

Arthur Darvill in Doctor Who
Speaking in her rented villa overlooking Cannes, where she’ll be until tomorrow, she giggled when I pressed her about what it was.

Eventually, she admitted: “A pair of binoculars. They look really weird in my house, just sitting there.”
Another reminder of her time travelling through time and space in the Tardis is a compilation of funny bits compiled by Matt on his mobile phone.

While it was obviously a huge wrench to leave such a big show, Karen is already showing she is much more than just Amy Pond.

In January, she was praised for her role as supermodel Jean Shrimpton in the BBC4 film, We’ll Take Manhattan.

Now she will be heading to Glasgow to film Not Another Happy Ending, her first leading role. She said: “I’m one step closer to my parents in Inverness which makes me so happy. I miss being up north so much.
“Because I’ll be based in Glasgow, I’ll be able to see them at weekends, which will be nice.”

The film’s director is John McKay, who also directed her in We’ll Take Manhattan.

Karen plays Jane Lockhart, a headstrong and passionate author of miserable fiction who suffers writer’s block on her second novel.

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